Monday, November 30, 2009

Total - Here, Time Is Space

Majora, 1994

Continuing on with the Skullflower side projects, this here is Bower solo. After its early power electronics-era configuration (which produced the 1986 Hard + Low cassette on Broken Flag), Bower's Total project moved into a bleak isolationist drone guitar/ space rock sound. Out of this came the beyond-excellent Beyond The Rim LP (check it out over at Astraal Tempel RhytHymns), and this, the harder to find Here, Time Is Space 2xLP. He hasn't really made anything like this since, Total later moved into the twinkling sunshine meadow music that evolved into Sunroof! Only recently has Bower moved back into territory this dark and desolate (but of an entirely different sort) with Hototogisu and the Skullflower reboot.

Melancholy dirges for dead planets.