Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Cathode Terror Secretion - Spectre Of History's Design/ UPDATE w/ S/T 3" CDR

Spectre Of History's Design (RRRecords, 2009)


The Cathode Terror Secretion (Accretion Disk, 200?)


Weirdly civilized digital power electronics with all-consuming vocals from a friend project of Yellow Swans/ Halflings. Turns the sardonic eye of the genre upwards to spiritual themes, existential terror, psychological uprooting and emotional upheaval of a purely psychological/psychedelic nature. Tracks like "Hymn" and "Purifier" are innovative admixtures of sacred vocal chant/drone and terror vox that set a since unheeded but transformative precedent for this kind of music that is surely not to be missed.

Upload Status

For your convenience, here is a little forward-dated blurb stating how far back I've finished uploading files from my old banned account:

As of 3/31/12:
8/10/11 (Brainworlds) Unfinished
7/27/11 (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum) Unfinished
7/20/11 (Aderlating) Unfinished
6/12/11 (Kreng - Grimoire) Done
(older unfinished)


Black Temple Carved In Smoke (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2006)


Witch Queen Ascending (Self-Released, 2006)


More Matthew Bower solo work that originates the whole psychedelic blackened modal droneswarm style of his latter work. Somebody reviewing some Bower release in The Wire (probably David Keenan, I mean who else?) prayed for this kind of guitar mayhem to come back and their prayers were amply answered from '06-on with everything Bower has done, with Hototogisu, Voltigueurs, Skullflower, etc. Totally electric and Black Temple... in particular goes into one of those pure blasting-open-the void kind of hyperfocused modal ascensions that I will never stop loving.

(thanks to The Static Fanatic for both of these)

p.s. Not to forget mentioning that my blog's title comes from a track on Witch Queen Ascending, "Enochian Tapestries," and its reincarnation on Skullflower's Strange Keys To Untune God's Firmament

Pure - Fetor

Freak Animal, 2007

Oldschool psychedelic power electronics from Matthew Bower's original (yes seriously) project, in name himself + Alex Windsor & Alex Binnie (Zos Kia), but in reality this release is Bowers solo, with Stefan Jaworzyn (original Skullflower, Ascension) filling in on the final live track. 2007 reissue/remaster of the 1981 Birthbiter release, with an additional live track and the original track titles and order according to the band.
While the use of guitars vaguely presages Sutcliffe Jügend's earliest work or maybe some old Broken Flag stuff like Toll, nothing in the original epi-industrial power electronics movement was anything like this, and really nothing has been exactly like this since except Bower's earliest Total releases (i.e. Hard+Low, Beyond The Rim). Has a seriously blackened, bombed out cloistered yet highly psychedelic feeling brought on partially by the lo-fi tape aura and partially by the hypnotic loop, echo, & feedback of the elements within. Remarkablely timeless, just plain unbelievable that this came out in 1981.


Murmuüre - Murmuüre

Cold Void Emanations, 2010

Iridescent pools of astral vastness from the French psychedelic black metal master. Kind of like an epic, more spacious version of Yoga meets Year Of No Light or a stripped down Angelic Process. Absolutely gorgeous and essential move for this increasingly interesting inter-genre zone.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tetsuo - Ranshuo

Shit Jam, 2004

Short and totally obscure, but fucking intense Japanese slow-mid pace sludge/noise hybrid. Driven to brilliantly over-the-top glory by those razor sharp Japanese shrieking vocals we've all grown to love. As if Zeni Geva were into Grief, Framtid, & White Hospital. Relentless brutality that will well win you over before the 17 minute end.


Burmese - White/ Men

White (Planaria, 2003)


Men (Load, 2004)


Brilliant hybrid of power violence, sludge, and power electronics. White even goes so far as to be reworkings of individual Whitehouse songs. Men however is much more heavy and original. I had always thought that, as demonstrated by Khanate, percussion done with a kind of stranglehold tension and release exudes a much more intense musical experience than the high-pitched whistles and screeches of power electronics can offer alone, and Burmese in this era demonstrate this perfectly. Not to be missed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

T.E.F. - Consequences In Conversation

Dada Drumming, 2010

Heavy dynamic noise work, professionally done mechanized power sonics from the long-time underground Texas act and Black Leather Jesus member. Balances the hi-tech cyberpunk-city melting electronics of classic "dynamic" style acts (Merzbow, John Wiese, Kazumoto Endo) with the balls-to-the-wall intensity of the HNW of The Rita, Richard Ramirez, etc. (but without the expected monotony). One of the strongest works I've found in a long time that's so steeped in this style.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well Fuck.

Mediafire suspended my account. I throw innumerable insults in ancient tongues and immemorial curses in their direction. I am royally pissed beyond compare at the whole filesharing situation; mediafire seemed to be a last bastion of freedom, but it may look like the only place safe left is p2p networks like Soulseek and even their days may be numbered.

I am not quitting however but am instead creating a new account minus any major label connected files, with filenames abbreviated, scrambled, etc. Please be patient while I re-upload from this month backwards. If this happens again there may be an even longer break when I switch file services (unfortunately all the other ones are shit in other ways).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

COIL - Remote Viewer (Remastered)

Threshold House, 2006

"Coordinate Remote Viewing: a process in which viewers would view a location given nothing but its geographical coordinates"


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Troum - Eald-Ge-Stréon/ Abhijñâ

Beta-Lactam Ring, 2009

Melodic constellations of transcendental ecstasies in a collection that reads like an album by the drone masters. Spine-tingling power abounds from the epic chord progressions, as monumental as the stars. Glorious.