Friday, July 2, 2010

Naked On The Vague - Poltergeist Palm 7"

Skulltones, 2008

Though the duo is sometimes on the edge of "ooh look at us we're Australia's weirdest band look at how weird we are," there's thankfully nothing like that going on here. This is more on the side of tastefully edgy (well to these tastes at least) than willfully opaque and excessive art punk. Haunting urgoth post-punk industrialist moves, sounds worthy of both Siltbreeze's most angular, some kind of Sacred Bones underground side, or way back on Broken Flag during Mundy's Toll project. Thus on like-minded Skulltones. Haven't heard much else like this from the pair, it's a solid shortie for this kind of sound.


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you-x said...

Thank you for this and the other recent posts! I had totally forgotten about Ain Soph and that was an album I had never heard. They have a pretty great track on that Russian compilation from early 2000s with 'everyone' on it... And this Naked On The Vague is good, I had never actually heard them just of them...