Monday, January 31, 2011

iTAL tEK - Midnight Colour

Planet Mu, 2010

I've taken a sidestep from trying to dissect the endless flood of drone/synth/lofi psych bands into the current stream of fantastic beatmakers that I had all hopped off of a half year ago. I'm talking the brainy, thick, multitalented stuff; Flying Lotus, Teebs, Ras G & their ilk, some old & new Ninja Tune faves (the boxset that rules), and the current crop of post-dubstep norm-challengers, like this iTAL tEK album, Mary Anne Hobbes' Wild Angels compilation, Jamie Vex'd's positively illuminated EP, Starkey and the like. I had dismissed this album at first because I still expected them (and myself) to be able to squeeze some more testosterone from the thick bassy noise and aggressive jungle references, but now that my tastes have matured I'm ready to get into this new sound. It does take alot of cross-fertilization, it seems, from stuff like Flying Lotus & Ninja Tune, it's a civilized sound, edgy but not overwhelmingly masculine, jazzy, atmospheric, and avoiding the dub monotony that plagued early dubstep. Here's to the future, I hope you dig it, I know it's another transformation of my taste, but hey all that psychedelic drone, save a few consistent greats, has been getting old too to these ears.



Nandikesha said...

right there with you, man. my ears have too been wandering away from overgrown psych drone into fields of future beats, the rhythms bursting alive in my bones. been particularly digging this ital tek, mux mool's skulltaste and tokimonsta's midnight colour. and thank you for all the aural joy you've been spreading round. i really appreciate it.

Nandikesha said...

oopsie poopsie, i of course meant tokimonsta's midnight MENU. thanks sunday brainfry. hahaha.