Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Randy Greif & Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers - Oedipus Brainfoil

Disc 1 - Randy Greif & Robin Storey - Nail Of Pious Bride

Disc 2 - Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers - Perfidious Albion

Disc 3 - Nigel Ayers & Randy Greif - Build A Poison Fire

Soleilmoon, 1999

Wonderful, mystical three disc collaboration from three well-established underground artists; Randy Greif (known for his Alice In Wonderland 5-disc set), Robin Storey (Rapoon, Zoviet France), & Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions). Follows generally in the vein of the liminal, looped & textured styles of this particular strand of post-industrial ambience. Warm & amniotic but by no means flavorless latter-new age monotony.

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vulture said...

thanks a lot for this!! I missed the greif/ayers album when it came out, and wanted it eversince.