Sunday, June 19, 2011

Andrew Chalk - Violin By Night

Faraway Press, 2011

Getting this out of the way before I go to some more blackish posts. This is Andrew Chalk at his most beautiful, different, but beautiful. And if you're an avid listener of his you know that means a hell of a lot. What surprised me was the rawness of some of the effects. Some of it is closer to his recent keyboard work where the canvas is of vaguely discerned clods of earth & water. Yet nothing prepares you for the violin epic on Side B. Tearjerker, yeah I'm a mush. Well I always have been, why should I apologize for that. Oh yeah.



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For people like me who had trouble locating it on discogs, it'sアンドリュー-チョーク-夜のバイオリン/master/336369