Monday, August 22, 2011

Wingdings - I-III

I: Return To Earth (Outer Limits Recordings, 2009)


II: Zarathustra's Puzzle (Outer Limits Recordings, 2009)


III: The Symbol Of Infinity (Outer Limits Recordings, 2009)


The ongoing adventures of Bruce Muscle find his supposedly peaceful return from chilling with the intergalactic party dudes in the Bro-Zone violently interrupted by lysergenetic vistas of brainjuice-sucking Transmedia™ kaleidoscopic prisons: WHO KILLED FLUFFY BUTTERS? Doom II chaingun vengeance is found in the new VHS holographic weapon, Ripper Fleshers®, but only with the help of Thrash® energy juice (energize now with the Kenner™ Metaphysical Effects® Playset!) and Innerspace guru and Soul Vision pioneer, Rom Dos, can he seek to destroy the all-encycling computer mind now consuming VIRO CITY. Hey dude, where's all the babes & beer?

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PK said...

Hey thanks for providing these three releases in one spot. My favorite is definitely "Zarathustra's Puzzle" - the melodies stick with me and keep me coming back for more.