Friday, December 30, 2011

Stare Case

Stare Problem (American Tapes, 2010)


Lose Today (De Stijl, 2011)


Ash From The Burning Log Coated Tape Heads Vol. 2 (American Tapes, 2011)


Apologies for the long hiatus, but life has been particularly lifelike recently. Stare Case is Nate "THE HATE" Young and "Inzane" Johnny Olson, 2/3 of Wolf Eyes, producing some dead wino funk and totally 'tarded creeper jazz. Skeleton porn. Like a mellower Graveyards or Olson's Handicapper Hornz project meets Demons or Young's recent solo electronics translated into bass. Young's über-depresso vox burble up on top from the tussin'd out basement fog with clear intent to permanently damage yr mind. This, along with Nate's recent solo work, has got me back into the Wolves after quite a long break, and they're once again producing some of the year's solidest jams. Dig it.

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