Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dolorian - Voidwards

Wounded Love Records, 2006

An oneiric transformation of the familiar tropes of doom metal, from the Finnish Helixes Collective (Halo Manash, Arktau Eos, etc.) associated act. Also not coincidentally harkening from the land that brought some of the most significant reformations of the genre in acts like Thergothon & Skepticism. Ostensibly the first project of the collective, although I.Corax may have a small claim to that. Voidwards sees them in a particularly near approach to the collective's usual improvised ritual ambient work, with particularly Helix-ish song titles (i.e. "In The Locus Of Bone," "Raja Naga - Rising"), mystical lyrical content chanted in the same whisper-croak style seen in Arktau Eos' rare vocal pieces, and a shared amorphous, ululating, nigh-improvised aural haze, albeit amplified by resonant, nay even psychedelic, metallic guitars that remind of the midrange sound of the classic doom-death band dISEMBOWELMENT on entheogens. I have been hunting for some dark metal that matches emotional intensity with creativity of composition, and outside of Corrupted and unearthing the late drone metal group The Angelic Process' Weighing Souls With Sand, this album has hit spot on for me.


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Unknown said...

I was reading was your comment and thinking too that doom has mostly run it's course. Love all the bands you mentioned plus Skepticism's Alloy record. All that said, I love this record. The creativity running through it puts to shame 99% of metal bands. Thanks much!