Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zoät-Aon - Star Autopsy/ The Triplex Bestial

Star Autopsy (Aural Hypnox, 2005)

The Triplex Betstial (Aural Hypnox, 2008)

Turgid elucidations of the ethereal flesh of the celestial bodies by Helixes associate Jaakko Vanhala. The consistency & quality of the Aural Hypnox releases is surely ineffable - as far as is revealed, Vanhala doesn't share his membership in any of the other Helixes projects and is yet another separate shining example of the brazen oneiracoustic explorations of their ritual sonics. The sound here is perhaps most easily spoken of as between the cosmic electromagickal surgery of Aeoga and the more subterranean, subdued graveside moments of Arktau Eos or latter-day Halo Manash, but Vanhala has truly uniquely touches the sounds with resonant blue starshine and sidesteps the ritual aspect of the usual æsthetic into territories more soundscapelike, generating external visions of time and place rather than sheer nameless emotional transmutation. On The Triplex Bestial his sound undergoes violent astral mutation as transcendence is achieved through primal transcendent gore, the stripping away of the veils of the universe like the skin of the reindeer of the sacred hunt.


vulture said...

Damn. I love these two albums!!
Can you tell me who made that intriguing painting you put under the albums?

Luminous Insect said...

it's Daniel Pielucha, bloody brilliant he is. another example of amazing grotesque beauty from a Polish artist.

vulture said...

yeah, he certainly is brilliant! His surreal qualities remind me a bit of Beksiński. Thanks for the link!!

Mel Mills said...

the artist of the mangled horse oil painting?

Luminous Insect said...

Daniel Pielucha