Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Elemental Chrysalis - The Calocybe Collection

Glass Throat Recordings, 2005

Homespun Cascadian ambience and folk guitar from lost forest hermits Chet W. Scott (Ruhr Hunter) and James Woodhead (At The Head Of The Woods) of the Glass Throat Recordings set (the aforementioned along with Alethes, Fearthainne, etc.). The quality of the guitar work is high here, sometimes covering the same mood and sound as peak Loren Connors. The drones are evocative of vertical forest spirit invocations, especially on the track "Caravan Of Ghosts" whose multitracked madrigals and throat singing sounds kind of like what a duo between Xela and Soriah might sound like. Great example from a quality collective of eco-focused doom folkers.



Krumbled Kookie said...

Great record, if a bit (!) long... supremely beautiful. Everything on Glass Throat is gold - Chet Scott is one of the visionaries of our age, and a wonderfully nice man.

luminous insect said...

Yeah I agree with it being a bit overly long, great moments abound, but some of the tracks nearly lose me in the start or about halfway through before returning to something excellent. still haven't gotten around to listening to The Dark Path To Spiritual Expansion, probably for the same reason.