Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Joy Of Nature - The Empty Circle Part II - Rastos De Sangue E Fragmentos Da Tradição

Ahnstern, 2009

Portuguese neofolk in the same thematic vein as Sangre Cavallum, only with more of a focus on the culture of the mysterious mid-Atlantic islands of the Azores. Professional in instrumentation and composition, with a healthy does of atmospheric sonics and samples. My understanding of Portuguese is nil but this is generally of a less martial feel than other neofolk, more of a solo personal approach, as well as a bit more focused on themes of Christianization than is the norm. The album is not overly conceptual and is filled with many moments of purely beautiful classically-informed music.



Margot said...

Nice blog!

I've put a link back in mine


L said...

By the way, The Joy of Nature's trilogy is completed with part 3 - "Anitya" - released by Rage in Eden. Review here:

And artist's page here:

luminous insect said...

hey thanks for the heads up, I haven't listened to this kind of stuff in a long while but I still find this project fascinating and will go check it out right now!