Friday, March 12, 2010

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - If The Sky Falls We Shall Catch Larks

(K-RAA-K)³, 2007

This would be another one of those 'terrible band name, great band' situations if I didn't know the origin of the band's name, stemming from a probably fictitious (yet intriguing) witchcraft ritual from a medieval treatise on witch hunting. Appropriate as such for a dark pagan folk group with such an almost psychedelic, atmospheric aura and professional poetic songwriting rarely seen beyond the like of Current 93. Also appropriately the solo project of one Belgian, Stef Heeren, a former member of Sylvester Anfang. I have not looked into much of his other recordings because the songs on this EP/ short album seem just too solid to leave away from. Apologies for the scarce postings of late.


"We need you Heaven now!"

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