Monday, March 22, 2010

Natural Snow Buildings - Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches

Self-Released, 2008

While the second disc, "Gorgons" (also released as part of the one-copy rarities collection I Dream Of Drone), is of less note, the first album is a great, unique step in NSB's time-consuming discography. None of the 17-minute plus tracks lose my interest before the end. The first track, "Kadja Bousou" has the tribal drums + ascending drone swirl sound perfected on releases like The Sundowner and the longform tracks on Shadow Kingdom, Snowbringer Cult, etc. "Night Coercion" is a similar, more noisy and droned out journey. "Brooms, Trapdoors Keyholes" is really where this release shines, the pair douse their usual acoustic/guitar drones in digital-overload Axolotl washout, and travel into an semi-atonal Lovecraftian dimension far darker, intense and blasted-out than their usual peaks, it's almost reminiscent of a Total despondent void ego dissolve track circa 1994 or Hototogisu sawing a hole in the sky with violins and feedback. Only still very much NSB, with sitar drones, bells, reeds and wordless cascading vocals. One of my favorite of their minor releases.


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