Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kane Pour - Cat On A Paisley Shawl/ Wasp In The Silver Orbitstream

Cat On A Paisley Shawl (Housecraft, 2009)


Wasp In The Silver Orbitstream (Vanishing Hour Revival/ Rotifer, 2010)


Two secret engraved vhs backmaskings revealing hidden space temples, transcoded by one half of Tricorn & Queue, along with good friend to these ears Xiphiidae. Complex, hazy hypnagogic compositions, not just some guy humping a synth into a tape and releasing it under some Ferraro-ripped pseudo-new age name. Not unexpected considering the quality of his other acts. Wasp In The Silver Orbistream was actually released with a vhs tape, it is now one of my major goals in life to find a copy in order to sniff the secret vhs crystals. Diverse sound too, all of Cat On A Paisley Shawl sounds like it was put through some kind of digital bitcrusher, the kind of sound you get with crappy mpeg videos. Deliberately faded sounding and hissed-out but doesn't sound like a gimmick. Parts of Wasp In The Silver Orbitstream have a total Forbidden Planet soundtrack vibe, so good, it ain't all just pastoral dream-frolics.

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pospulen said...

just so you know, the low bitrate of Cat on a Paisley shawl is the product of poor-quality dubbing onto the internet by somebody other than myself. You should hear the album on tape..Whoever put this album on the internet pretty much butchered the sound quality..