Sunday, May 2, 2010

Organum - Horii/ Sphyx

Horii (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords, 1986)


Sphyx (Aeroplane, 1994)


Organum is the experimental sound project of David Jackman, longtime player in the old UK underground of Nurse With Wound, Mirror, The Hafler Trio, etc. As would be assumed by the tendencies of his fellows and the length of his discography, his work covers vast territories of sound. The sound of these two works in particular is perhaps most adequately summarized visually by the back cover of Sphyx, that of a mysterious transcendent growth arising out of a din of sound. Here is peak meditative music created from the heavy, abrasive detritus of bowed cymbals, crushed metal, etc. All united with the singular flute or voice tone of om. Horii features frequent collaborator and wonderful artist of his own right, Andrew Chalk.

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