Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re-Ups, etc.

More fixed uploads, re-upped and tested, links updated in the original posts too. BJ Nilsen himself requested that I take his Invisible Cities down, as much as this kind of thing irritates me I have to oblige, as well Defeat disappeared off mediafire without any such request, so I deleted the post. Apologies but I would not enjoy this blog being shut down, not in the least.

Irr. App. (Ext.) - Dust Pincher Appliances
(apologies btw for the m4a, but I can't find a better rip and it would only fuck it up more to convert it to mp3)

Sean McCann - Lower Decks

p.s. No obvious/shameless plugs for your band here. I may be interested if it relates in some way to a music maker/technique/taste on display here, but I won't tolerate petty "Can you plz put up some of my Blablah kthx." Comment will be rejected, go advertise somewhere else.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the McCann re-up.
Keep up the good work.