Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tuluum Shimmering - Ascent To The Spirit House

Short but powerful tape of melted tropical-shaman-themed bliss & jam, from a UK-based former Housecraft/ Cloud Valley mainstay. Only heard two tapes of this guy but it is wickedly solid work, good as (and in the same general stylistic vein as) Sean McCann or Xiphiidae. Great sleeve art on all his stuff too. No info on label/year.



kevinass said...

it is so good. have yar more?

luminous insect said...

yeah I've got Swamp Delta Gas Flares up here:

EcoPagan said...

Greetings from Ritualistic Nature, it was today that i discover your blog, you have here very nice cool records. This one is great i love this kind of sounds, i will link your blog in to mine, if you could do the same it was great. Once more thanks for share nice music.