Friday, November 19, 2010

CoH - Love Uncut

Eskaton, 2000

CoH, the Russian word son for "sound" (or according to most sources, just the Latin letters COH), is the electronic "post-pop" project of one Ivan Pavlov, a Sweden-inhabiting Russian ex-pat. A major collaboration with members of COIL, and released on one of their house labels, this 4-track EP bridges the gap between the borderlands of academic electroacoustic/noise music given on labels like Mego and Touch and COIL's purely magickal sonics. Reminds heavily of Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil-era COIL, choice cuts include Steven Thrower's positively alien digital invocations on "Prayer For Russell," and Jhonn Balance's drugged-out psych-ward screams on "Health And Deficiency: Love's Septic Domain," referencing the only other track (eponymous "Love's Secret Domain") where he is really this far out in the self-induced madness of magickal possession. CoH is glorious in his ability to imbue heavy digital electronics from the fringe with the deep warm ichor and stink of the human soul, a tact rarely seen outside of COIL.


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Nika said...

hey, COH or сон is the Russian for 'sleep', not 'sound' :)