Friday, November 19, 2010

Outer Limits Recordings - I Need My T.V./ Julie 7"s

Olde English Spelling Bee, 2010

Outer Limits Recordings is the current main project of Sam Meringue, of Explorers/Matrix Metals/Yoga fame. A far cry from the first incarnation of Outer Limits Recordings, the less rotten-supermarket back alley graffiti and more surreal Vegas strip nightlife version of James Ferraro's Lamborghini Crystal seen in Foxy Baby, this is less post-Skaters 70s-90s metacultural archetypes and more accessible freak pop in the vein of Ariel Pink or R. Stevie Moore. While I would have thought I was more inclined for his more instrumental, submerged sounds, this is just too fucking great a combination of weird & catchy, like painful, infectious catchy. Not to mention every instrument Meringue touches still turns to golden magickal tools of TV-god invocation. What makes matters even better is that he created videos for all the tracks from both 7"s (and check out his youtube channel for more). Oh how I love this man. IMO both 7"s are great, but the shit really gets magical with Julie b/w Plastik Child


"you don't have to kill just to be happy"


OESB said...

these 7"'s begin shipping this week -- please support the labels and artists by throwing them some bones!!

luminous insect said...

^ all for this guys, just because they're all online and in youtube videos don't mean you shouldn't own the plastik!