Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raionbashi - Kollekte

Hanson, 2006

A1 Untitled Edith
A2 Buildin
A3 Ein Jodler
Featuring – Frau Kutzke
A4 Noch Ein Jodler
Featuring – Frau Kutzke
A5 Bockflöte
A6 Tar
B1 Untitled Soot Pt.1
B2 Magical Blah Blah
Featuring – John Wiese, Michael Barthel
B3 Untitled Ergh
B4 Open Coffin
B5 Blöt Rain
B6 Ursuppe

More digital collaged filth in the vein of Yellow Tears from the torturkammer of a one Daniel Löwenbrück, only this slab of gooey plastic is of a particularly disorienting, bizarre kind, from a guy who has made his ways around the more creative ends of the international noise underground (John Wiese, Twig Harper, etc.)


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