Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AUN - Black Pyramid

Cyclic Law, 2010

AUN is the experimental drone/ambient project of one Montreal-based Martin Dumais. The project has covered a lot of territory in the associated genres since its initiation in 2007, eventually catching the notice of big-deal labels like Montreal experimental/noise mainstay Alien8 and American mega-label Important. Here Dumais deletes the ambling doom-aping drums which marred the previous Important release VII, and augments his familiar guitar drones (inspired by all the right sources) with a gloriously resonant, dynamic, and downright numinous synthetic drone that feels just in place, but also a wonderful advancement, for the traditional dark ambient label Cyclic Law. Through a black sky laden with emerald stars stream echoing acoustic sigils of electronic crackle and full-range dissonance; melodic form at its center but the tendrils of vast abstraction reverberating out beyond into the stereo space. The album tracks may strike some as samey, but after my initial qualms I realized this was just a byproduct of its succinct focus; AUN has proven to lose the listener by moving too far sideways in previous recordings. A gloriously transcendent album of astral drone.