Monday, February 6, 2012

Tukaaria/ Odz Manouk - Split CS

Rhinocervs, 2011

Powerful split of black native war metal between two Crepúsculo Negro-associated acts, out in totally kvlt underground limited quantities on Yagian's (Odz Manouk, var. Untitled) 100% solid Rhinocervs sister label. Material on both sides exceeds the quality of other releases under these names, with the Tukaaria (Yacqui/Yoeme language "the night") side's production improved well above that seen on Raw To The Rapine, with the usual orthodox war metal riffs tearing out into new levels of chaos, grounded by a chthonic undercurrent of cavernous atmosphere bringing the honor of the ancient's calling to the ceremony. Odz Manouk's side particularly exceeds the self-titled on Crepúsculo Negro, breaking free of LLN-cloned raw orthodoxy off into higher realms of the black metal hierarchy adding bottom-heavy drum, almost death metal-ish, production to the ancestral frostbitten tape quality. This side, alongside Yagian's work with the diverse slew of Untitled releases on Rhinocervs, are cementing his role as one of contemporary black metal's most creative underground shapers. The best of the whole Black Twilight Cult outside of Arizmenda and Glossolalia's soon to be classic sides.


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