Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Irr. App. (Ext.) - Skeletal Copula Remains/ Skeletal Imposition

Skeletal Copula Remains (Gnarled Forest/ Errata In Excelsis, 2011)

Skeletal Imposition (Gnarled Forest, 2009)

Blasphemous animal atrocities undergoing subconscious metamorphoses in a state of threatening amorphousness. Have been hunting down the 2011 LP forever and a half and it was worth all the effort, it's even more brilliant than the 2009 meeting of these unflinchingly creative and twisted sound masters. Matt Waldron (Irr. App. (Ext.)) adds his effortless capacity for professional surrealist slice & dice to BSBC's malicious electronics and nefarious beast howls. Short but perfectly condensed and without filler, both releases are some of my absolute favorite works of surrealistic noise of all time.


(art= "Meat Orchestra" by Mark Powell, totally check him out, this music IS the soundtrack to his horrifying miniatures)


xaxa said...

just stumbled over your blog. good stuff. im listening.

Joe Pierce said...

Absolutely amazing- I have also been hunting this LP forever! Any chance you found the split with Wicked King Wicker that came out at the same time?
Forever greatfull!

Joe Pierce said...

Absolutely amazing! I too have been hunting this LP forever. Any chance you also found the LP with Wicked King Wicker that came out at the same time? Forever greatfull.