Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Total - Hard + Low

Broken Flag, 1986

Another fine piece of old school psychedelic post-industrial and instrument-led power drone from Matthew Bower's main solo project of the late 80s-90s. This is the first work under this moniker and still reflects the charred, black & white war-crime Broken Flag aesthetic seen with Pure and early Ramleh. Black-box synths and corroded loops reflecting silent & undead post-apocalypses. "You'll Get Yours Yet" is still (seriously) my favorite power electronics track ever. But this tape is by no means entirely raging screech & howl, many tracks offer entirely acoustic passages, "Transfigured Night" offers a bleak Vajrayanic horn drone, and "The Sound of Music" is mainly a melancholic single-mode piano improvisation that presages Bower's much later work with minimal folk instrumentation. One of the best Broken Flag & Bower in general have had to offer.



Jean-Luc said...

Thanks for this, also for the Pure album- that is really good.

Jean-Luc said...

Thanks for this, and for the Pure album - that one is really good.