Friday, December 18, 2009

Merzbow & Total - Merzbow Mixed Total

Sterilized Decay, 1997

I only really enjoy a Merzbow solo record on occasion, there's just too much to digest and too much patchy filler. Kind of part of the sound, I know, but not really worth my time. But when Merzbow's collaborations are with artists I love (i.e. sunnO)))'s O)))Bow tracks on Flight Of The Behemoth), I appreciate his touch vastly more. Merzbow usually adds a tasteful level of chaos and overdrive in his remix work. This album is largely exactly what you'd expect from the collaboration. This is Total between dirge-rock era and free-improv middle era, cut up into non-euclidean chunks with Merzbow's noise grinder. Ends up leaning more towards the dark drone side. Great obscure work.



Birsa said...

Why does this link to kevin drumm- imperial distortion.rar??

luminous insect said...

hey sorry about that, was wondering why it got so few downloads, link is fixed!