Friday, December 25, 2009

Sun City Girls - Djinn Funnel

Nashazphone, 2006

I find really good Sun City Girls albums hard to come by. Torch Of The Mystics was great, but most of their records are filled with aimless pseudo-jams and bad humor. All part of the character for sure, but it loses its charm fast with me (though on occasion I am in the mood for Alan Bishop's snazzy psychedelic wordplay and hypersarcastic caricatures as Uncle Jim or Alvarius B). And of course Sir Richard Bishop is a guitar god. When SCG got down and actually used their talents seriously, they produced some seriously golden music and 2006's Djinn Funnel is a good example of that. I really haven't found much music that's just plain as good as this (other than Torch Of The Mystics) in their whole discography. Any suggestions?



Outer Badui said...

Try these:
1. 330 Crossdressers from beyond the Big veda
2. High Asia
3. Sumatran Electric Chair
4. Libyan Dream
5. Sun City Girls S/T (1rst LP)
6. Grotto of Miracles
7. Kaliflower
8. Piasa...Devourer of Men

of course finding these may be a bit challenging!

luminous insect said...

hey thanks, Grotto of Miracles so far is a keeper. I think I just dove too deep into the whole Carnival Folklore Resurrection series previously.