Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burial Hex/ Zola Jesus - Split

Aurora Borealis, 2009

I know this has probably been posted any number of other places, but I thought it had been long enough to post it here and remind of just how damn good a split it is. Mostly for the first part of the Burial Hex half, with its weeping broken minimal synth pianostab cathartic exegesies of pain, but everything else rules too. Second Burial Hex track is some more peak dark kosmische seen in hints on things like Initiations. Zola Jesus's half is an unedited doorway into her mind, the kind of thing seen in tracks like "Lullaby In Tongues" and "In Hiding From The Crow" on The Spoils, only longer.


In case you need another reminder as to how much these two guys rule, here's some vids:

Burial Hex

Zola Jesus

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killingtheteratoma said...

Thanks for sharing. I am excited to give it a listen. I am just getting into Zola Jesus so it will be nice to also check out Burial Hex.