Sunday, February 21, 2010

Corrupted - Dios Injusto + An Island Insane + Vasana

Dios Injusto (Frigidity Discos, 1999)


An Island Insane (HG Fact, 2007)


Vasana (HG Fact, 2007)


Three 7" releases from the powerful Japanese "sludge" masters. The band puts genre terms like "doom" and "sludge" to shame. I don't think you've heard or even really felt the sensation of doom until you've listened to Corrupted. By doom I mean all-out apocalyptic everything-is-ending-and-it-is-beautiful-but-oh-so-painful. And sludge? Eyehategod & Grief are sludge only to the extent that they're boozed up & downer'd down (???) hardcore. Here be whirlwinds of wrecked cities blasting across the plains. Paperwork floating down the rivers to a rotten oblivion. This band is serious as fuck, not getting racial or anything but I wouldn't expect any worse from the Japanese. Better known for their longform works, their seven inches outside of their wobbly-legged nascent crust-punk days are wonderful snatches of great exploration. Corrupted took the old seeds of extreme doom metal and took them entirely to their own place, completely separate from sunnO))) and their ilk (in fact with influence going the other way), creating a form of long-form drone-doom that is almost orchestral in nature, in a minimalist sense. This is only heard in the proper sense here on the second half of An Island Insane, where an acoustic guitar improvises over desert-plain feedback drones of bliss'n'pain, but longform works have featured long passages in this style on harp and piano. Here mostly they get down to their serious business with guitars, bass, & drums alone, which is just as impressive.

p.s. One point to make for some: trust me, the vocals are not difficult to get over. They are not "cookie monster" they are in fact vastly better than the whole lot of death metal vocalists out there. So there.

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