Friday, February 26, 2010

Fursaxa - Mycorrhizae Realm

ATP Recordings, 2010

In a discography of beautiful works, Mycorrhizae Realm is a work of almost unprecedentedly greater beauty. Tara Burke must have secretly synched herself telepathically, through the magick of herbal witchcraft no doubt, with her ensemble (which includes Greg Weeks, Helena Espvall, and Mary Lattimore). For here she is enshrined in a tumultuous mountain of faerie sounds, enchanted swirling realms of forest majesty. The godslight on the tip of tongue intoning of Hildegard Von Bingen, whose spirit seems to at least partially possessed Burke, is in full bloom here. What is truly magickal here is her interplay with the cascades of harp, reminding of the most elevated moments of Alice Coltrane yet with a more ethereal, forest-born approach. When time reverses and space inverts itself at the end of "Charlote," the visions here are palpable. Bioluminescent organisms of the spirit realm breed and bifurcate prismatically through the twilit canopy, whose top is neither above nor below, we are swimming in it. The mycorrhizae of our minds.


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