Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bill Orcutt - A New Way To Pay Old Debts

Palilalia, 2010

I was surprised by this LP as I hadn't ever really thought much of Harry Pussy, much less that they may have a quite skilled guitarist in their ranks, makes me want to reinvestigate. But what's here isn't really much anything like the angular refusist noise rock of his original band, what's here is a chaotic, modal, yet highly skilled improvisational blues frenzy, not unlike a less academic and more instinctual Derek Bailey. A bit like Jandek in some sense, in that Orcutt meditates on a note in that deep-blues kinda way, flies away into a tangential and brilliantly inspired aleotoric flourish and returns anew, keeping the feeling. Actually indirectly reminds me of the same kind of tactic used by Kawabata Makoto in Mainliner, and the particularly out-there moments of Acid Mothers Temple. Only this is straight earthen blues, filled with recordings of the street of whatever badly sealed loft Orcutt recorded this in. A nice contribution.



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advin jhonsire said...

In fact I like to go to the south over a new way. It's so cool how he stopped on the street noises which came through the open window on the album. Cover and rules.

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