Sunday, April 4, 2010

Skullflower/ White Medal - Split 7"

Turgid Animal/ Legion Blotan, 2010

Totally fresh split 7" between Skullflower and (not surprisingly) Turgid Label co-head George Proctor (Mutant Ape)'s raw filth black metal project, White Medal. I knew of White Medal when I was way into raw black metal, didn't know the connection or expect this split to come out of the blue. The Skullflower side, "Great Hunter" is perfect, it seems like new territory for psyched-out black metal where the normal blinding storm of sharp feedback is toned back a little and instead we are in vast canopies of blackened clouds, traveling through the void. Lamentful and melancholy. It's a little bit like Bower's version of depressive black metal like Xasthur or Burzum rather than the usual Katharsis. Offers a bit more obvious depth and what seems like a wee bit of a notch up in production. White Medal amp up the filth for their side, their sound is great but nothing much to analyze there, just really well done raw blackness with more structure than riff riff riff riff.


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