Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cliffsides - Lucid Dreams/ Singularity

Lucid Dreams (Digitalis Limited, 2009)


Singularity (Anathema Sounds, 2009)


Cliffsides is a sideproject of Ryan Lang of Bones of Seabirds. It gives a version of the recent synth sound that's all the rage, only with its influences drawn from more diverse and emotive corners than the usual Iasos/ Steven Halpern/ subverted Jarre fare. Cliffsides reminds more of Wendy Carlos, early Klaus Schulze at its most epic, Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol 2, and even Autechre's seminal Amber.


Urizen said...

Dear Luminous Insect

Clearly a man of taste & wit;

-Your writings on old acquintances is a delight.

-Your writings on new acquiantances is a gift.


Never ever stop.

luminous insect said...

well I am flattered, and kind of flabbergasted. thank you for your kind words!