Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Cathode Terror Secretion - Spectre Of History's Design/ UPDATE w/ S/T 3" CDR

Spectre Of History's Design (RRRecords, 2009)


The Cathode Terror Secretion (Accretion Disk, 200?)


Weirdly civilized digital power electronics with all-consuming vocals from a friend project of Yellow Swans/ Halflings. Turns the sardonic eye of the genre upwards to spiritual themes, existential terror, psychological uprooting and emotional upheaval of a purely psychological/psychedelic nature. Tracks like "Hymn" and "Purifier" are innovative admixtures of sacred vocal chant/drone and terror vox that set a since unheeded but transformative precedent for this kind of music that is surely not to be missed.

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