Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pure - Fetor

Freak Animal, 2007

Oldschool psychedelic power electronics from Matthew Bower's original (yes seriously) project, in name himself + Alex Windsor & Alex Binnie (Zos Kia), but in reality this release is Bowers solo, with Stefan Jaworzyn (original Skullflower, Ascension) filling in on the final live track. 2007 reissue/remaster of the 1981 Birthbiter release, with an additional live track and the original track titles and order according to the band.
While the use of guitars vaguely presages Sutcliffe Jügend's earliest work or maybe some old Broken Flag stuff like Toll, nothing in the original epi-industrial power electronics movement was anything like this, and really nothing has been exactly like this since except Bower's earliest Total releases (i.e. Hard+Low, Beyond The Rim). Has a seriously blackened, bombed out cloistered yet highly psychedelic feeling brought on partially by the lo-fi tape aura and partially by the hypnotic loop, echo, & feedback of the elements within. Remarkablely timeless, just plain unbelievable that this came out in 1981.



Robert Nowhere said...

this is frakkin amazing!

Robert Nowhere said...

this is the shit!