Thursday, March 15, 2012

T.E.F. - Consequences In Conversation

Dada Drumming, 2010

Heavy dynamic noise work, professionally done mechanized power sonics from the long-time underground Texas act and Black Leather Jesus member. Balances the hi-tech cyberpunk-city melting electronics of classic "dynamic" style acts (Merzbow, John Wiese, Kazumoto Endo) with the balls-to-the-wall intensity of the HNW of The Rita, Richard Ramirez, etc. (but without the expected monotony). One of the strongest works I've found in a long time that's so steeped in this style.



d said...

i think this is the wrong link

Luminous Insect said...

d'oh, thanks yes it was! stupid mediafire's interface unreliably copies links sometimes.

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