Saturday, March 31, 2012


Black Temple Carved In Smoke (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2006)


Witch Queen Ascending (Self-Released, 2006)


More Matthew Bower solo work that originates the whole psychedelic blackened modal droneswarm style of his latter work. Somebody reviewing some Bower release in The Wire (probably David Keenan, I mean who else?) prayed for this kind of guitar mayhem to come back and their prayers were amply answered from '06-on with everything Bower has done, with Hototogisu, Voltigueurs, Skullflower, etc. Totally electric and Black Temple... in particular goes into one of those pure blasting-open-the void kind of hyperfocused modal ascensions that I will never stop loving.

(thanks to The Static Fanatic for both of these)

p.s. Not to forget mentioning that my blog's title comes from a track on Witch Queen Ascending, "Enochian Tapestries," and its reincarnation on Skullflower's Strange Keys To Untune God's Firmament

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